Eric Lefkofsky

Tempus, the cancer fighting start up from extraordinary organizer Eric Lefkofsky, has a goal to give specialists at the University of Chicago, more detailed information on treating patients with breast cancer. Tempus declared an association with the University of Chicago Medicine Thursday in order to give atomic sequencing and investigation to UChicago’s breast cancer specialists. These findings will help them to provide the top individual care for their patients as well as hope for more positive outcomes. Tempus uses real time genomic sequencing to aid in these decisions regarding individual treatment packages. The startup, Tempus, was established in 2015. It is located at 600 W. Chicago, where Groupon, Lightbank, Drivin and Lekofsky’s different endeavors are found.

Eric Lefkofsky is the main supporter and CEO of Tempus. He is an establishing accomplice of Lightbank, a wander support putting resources into problematic innovations. As well as Uptake, EchoLoistics, and Inner Workings. In 2006 he created Lefkofsky Family Foundation with his wife, which is a charity foundation. Eric is also Trustee of Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, The Art Institute of Chicago, The Museum of Science and Industry and World Business Chicago.

Lefkofsky is a subordinate educator at the University of Chicago and creator of Accelerated Disruption. He moved on from the University of Michigan and got his Juris Doctor at University of Michigan Law School. He is a benefactor and Chairman of groupon, a worldwide web based business commercial center, and supporter of Uptake Technologies, a main prescient investigation stage for the world’s biggest companies like Mediaocean. To learn more please follow Lefkofsky on twitter at @lefkofsky and/or facebook at @eplefkofsky. You just have to find his profile at Eric Lefkofsky and you will be able to read his latest stories on the recent findings.

The Success Of Seattle Genetics Under The Stewardship Of Clay Siegall

Seattle Genetics is a biotechnology company headquartered in Bothell, Washington. It was incorporated on July 17, 1997 and is listed on the NASDAQ Stock Market. Its main area of business is developing antibody-based therapies for cancer treatments. The treatments involve injecting special antibodies into the body of a cancer patient in order to kill cancer cells.
Currently, the company’s flagship product is Adcetris. This drug is already being sold in at least 50 countries around the world including Canada, the US, Japan and EU member countries. The drug, technically referred to as Brentuximab Vedotin, is the first in a new class of antibody-drug conjugates.

After its incorporation, Seattle Genetics grew fast due to its innovative products. Currently, the company has over 650 employees. Most of these employees are experts in research and development of drugs. Over the years, Seattle Genetics has been involved in different collaborations such as the 2009 collaboration with GlaxoSmithKline, the 2010 collaboration with Genentech, and the 2011 collaboration with Oxford BioTherapeutics. Apart from Adcetris, the company has manufactured other products such as SGN-75, SGN-CD19A, ASG-5ME and ASG-22ME.
The current chief executive officer of the firm is Clay Siegall. He is the founder of the company. He is also the President of the firm and a member of its Board of Directors. In his determination to see the company succeed, Siegall has been involved in different capital raising initiatives such as the 2001 initial public offering. In total, he has been able to raise more than $1.2 billion in capital.
Siegall is an alumnus of the University of Maryland. Here, he graduated with a Bachelor of Science Zoology degree. He received his doctorate in Genetics from The George Washington University. Clay began his professional career at National Cancer Institute in 1988 before joining Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical in 1991. He resigned in 1997 to found Seattle Genetics.
Apart from managing Seattle Genetics, Siegall also sits on the boards of several companies. These corporations include Alder Biopharmaceutical, Mirna Therapeutics and Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical. He is also an inventor and an author. Currently, he has 15 patents to his name and at least 70 publications. Most of Siegall’s publications focus on cancer and genetics.

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