Robert Ivy The Monument Of Architecture

Academic background

Robert is one of the most-popular names in the American Architectural-industry. He was born in Columbus, Mississippi, United States. He pursued a bachelor’s Degree of Arts in English from Sewanee, The University of the South. He later earned a Masters of Architecture from Tulane University.

Robert Ivy’s rising Career

Between 1981 and 1996, he served as a principal at Dale, Dean and a critic for many publications nationally. In 1996, he took over the position of the Editor in Chief of Architectural Record. His hard-work and passion for architecture enabled him to lift the journal to be among the world’s top architectural-journals.

He became the Editorial Director and Vice President of McGraw-Hill Construction Media. His prowess in editorial-skills made him lead some of the world’s top journals in architecture. These included; The Magazine of Sustainable Design, SNAP, and C Record just to mention a few.

He is currently the CEO and Vice President of American Institute of Architects (AIA). He ascended into the position in 2011, replacing the former head of operations Christine McEntee. Since he took leadership of AIA, Robert has brought key transformations that have enabled the firm to fully serve the architectural-industry in the 21st century. He is restructuring AIA’s legacy into a reliable and highly influential organization. His primary goal is to enhance public-awareness on architecture related issues.

Robert Ivy’s latest interest is diverting AIA’S resources to prepare architects to address the contemporary world’s pressing-issues. Such issues include; sustainability, climate change and the impact of structural design on public health.

Ivy’s career achievements

During his tenure as an editorial leader at Architectural Records, the journal received several publishing awards and honors. They included; the premier magazine journalism award, American Magazine of Editors, National Magazine Award for General Excellence. This is no mean achievement.

Robert Ivy was honored by national architecture fraternity Alpha Chi. This was due to his effectiveness in communicating the value of design.

He boasts of the designation Master Architect, achieved by few iconic architects such as; Richard Buckminster Fuller, I.M Pei and Mies Van der Rohe. He is one of the only seven architects to receive the award in the fraternity’s 100 year-history. He is the only one in the 21st century to receive such an honor. Robert authored the widely-applauded biography Fay Jones, Architect in 2001, currently in its third edition.