Dallas Bank Moving Forward

Nexbank is continuing to move forward. Seeing the growth of demand for college savings plans, Nexbank made a strategic move and acquired College Savings Bank of New Jersey recently. This was done so that Nexbank can continue to serve its customers with excellent service. Helping people move forward financially is important for Nexbank. “This is a winning transaction for both parties involved,” the CEO of Nexbank affirmed. Nexbank is growing, and helping Texas to become a leading center of financial activity. The future is bright if students keep wanting more education.

Nexbank provides online banking services for the convenience of its customers. This way, when a customer has issues with their finances, Nexbank can continue to serve them easily. Trying to make life easier for many has helped Nexbank as it improves its strategy. Nexbank also does treasury management for commercial clients. The diversity of Nexbank’s portfolio helps it be ready for the competition that may be in the way. Nexbank also offers Capital Advisory services for its valued customers.

Nexbank has been doing well as of the end of 2015. Net income reached $53.2 million. MyBankTracker places Nexbank as an A+ institution. Nexbank is located in Dallas, Texas. Nexbank’s core motto is that “Our people are our strength.”