Avi Weisfogel Talks about Effective Dentistry and Sleep Treatment

Avi receives over 50% of his patients as direct referrals from fellow dentists, an indication that he is an accomplished medic. Dr.Avi Weisfogel is known for handling the most delicate and complex cases in dentistry. He has specialized in sleep treatment and related disorders. He has received an honorary title from the community as the Best Dentist consecutively for years.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel spends about 200 hours in study and research yearly. He has successfully come up with innovations that solve dental problem. He has also established some oral appliances that help in the management of sleep and sleep disorders. In his 17 years of general practice in dentistry, Avi has come up with programs, initiatives, and centers geared towards improving the lives of their patients.


In 1999, he established the Old Bridge Dental Care, which he operated until 2010. Then after, the Healthy Heart Sleep company was born that brought together physicians and emphasized on the need to establishing sleep labs. In 2012, Dr. Weisfogel launched a program dubbed Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients whose aim was to serve sleep patients better. He also gave a lecture on how to improve the sleep quality and management of sleep patients. Just recently, in 2014, he established the Dental Sleep Master. The idea materialized after many years of research and test. He developed oral devices that could be used in sleep treatment. The company uses these devices in their dental and sleep management.


Other than working as a medic, Avi Weisfogel is passionate about community empowerment. He funds the non-profit organization, Operation Smile. The organization helps in the reconstruction of children and adults with facial deformities such as cleft palates and cleft lips. To help support Operation Smile, he launched a Go Fund Me Campaign to help raise at least 2,000 dollars annually which he gives generously to the organization.


About Dr. Avi Weisfogel

Avi graduated with honors in Biology and Psychology from the Rutgers University As well as a DDS from the New York University College of Dentistry. The American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine has him as an active participant. He is currently practicing Dentistry in New Jersey, Old Bridge. Avi is highly knowledgeable in dental implants and cosmetic dentistry. He is a fanatic of Regfox, a hosting company, and LinkedIn social site.


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