An Overview of the Rave Reviews Provided by Securus Facility Customers on Their role In Solving and Preventing Crime

Securus Technologies recently published a few letters and emails from their customers regarding their take on the role that the company plays in keeping the society, including parolees, inmates, and their families safe. The company develops new product and services every week in a bid to help law enforcement and correction stakeholders solve and prevent crime. According to the Securus Technologies’ chairman, Rick Smith, integrating safety to the company’s functions is part of their DNA—and it is a great honor to protect and serve the society.


The following is a quick overview of some of the comments that caught my attention from the list of comments that the company claims to have received from jail and prison officials throughout the US. To protect the innocent, the facility names, state and county references have been redacted.


About Securus Technologies

  • “With the assistance of Securus Technology, we were able to utilize phone calls to trace the activities of the corrupt staff member. We were able to arrest the staff member this morning, and I am grateful to your staff for their help us in this operation”.
  • “The current development of investigative tools and the emerging capabilities that Securus provide will enhance our investigation efforts and boost out jail security status. It also intertwines with our aggressive investigative visions”.
  • “One of the tools that I would like to recognize when it comes to solving and preventing crime in our society today is the Securus’ LBS software. By combining the software with other law enforcement resources, our department was able to recover millions in terms of drugs, cash money, and illegal assets. Without this versatile software, our task of retrieving these items would have been much daunting—and even impossible”.



Securus Technologies is Dallas, Texas based prison Technology Company founded in 1986. Some of the services that Securus provides include incident management, inmate self-service, biometric analysis, public information, information management, emergency response, and product and service monitoring among others.


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