Matthew Fleeger

Honing his entrepreneurial skills at a tender age, Matthew Fleeger is a keen businessman of lofty ambitions. Much like his father, Fleeger was destined to hit it big in the business realm. Growing up, Fleeger watched as his father shrewdly navigated the ins and outs of business affairs, eventually creating the family business, Gulf Coast Western, in 1970. No doubt inspired by his dad’s exploits, Fleeger vowed to echo his father’s entrepreneurial success by creating a company of his own. Fleeger did just that when he single-handedly established MedSolutions, a waste management company.

Upon its inception, MedSolutions moved mountains in the healthcare waste management industry. Between Fleeger’s novel initiatives and the company’s well-oiled operations, MedSolutions was on the up and up. MedSolutions grew by such leaps and bounds that the company was honored the title of “regional leader in healthcare waste management.” In essence, MedSolutions provided safe solutions to the disposal and treatment of unwanted materials left behind by healthcare establishments. While at the helm of operations, Fleeger sharpened his leadership skills, subsequently becoming a stalwart in his domain. After 14 successful years at the company, Fleeger made the savvy decision to sell MedSolutions to Stericycle for upwards of $60 million.

Following his departure, Fleeger had a world of opportunities awaiting him. He ultimately decided to return to his family’s business and demonstrate his prowess as a leader. Presently the CEO of Gulf Coast Western, Fleeger ensures that systems are smooth-running and efficient. In addition to governing operations at Gulf Coast Western, Fleeger is also fully invested in the tanning industry. In fact, he’s the co-founder of two prominent tanning franchises, Mystic Tan and Palm Beach Tan. Matthew Fleeger continually involves himself in domains that show promise. As a result, enduring success inevitably follows.

Vijay Eswaran Talks about his Leadership Style and How he Treats his Employees

The business circle of Malaysia is a very tight-knit one, and there are few notable names that have made the country proud. One amongst these is Vijay Eswaran, who is the executive chairman and the founder of the largest MLM company in the world, QI Group. The company has an annual turnover of millions of dollars, and Forbes has estimated the net worth of Vijay Eswaran to be around $750 million and counting. As time passes, the net worth of Vijay Eswaran continues to grow as there are many new and innovative business ventures in the pipeline that are yet to be materialized.

Vijay Eswaran believes that people who are not able to achieve their dreams are primarily because of the lack of determination and passion. One does not only have to plan how to achieve their dream but also execute it with precision. It is what is lacking in most of the people these days as they are too comfortable inside their comfort zone and doesn’t want to come out. Vijay Eswaran in his best-selling book named Two Minutes From the Abyss has mentioned the dangers of staying in the comfort zone for too long. He says that if you are addicted to the comfort zone and not able to come out of it, forget achieving your dreams, it would be even difficult even to make ends meet after a point in time.

Vijay Eswaran believes that his leadership style allows him to communicate with his employees and motivate him every step of the way. Even though he runs a global company, he believes that his company has the heart of a small intimate company. According to him, it is not the company that succeeds, but it is the employees that make the company successful and allow for its growth.

Deirdre Baggot: Innovation and Dedication in Healthcare

Deirdre Baggot has always believed in excelling in what she does, evidenced through her extraordinary background in education. Having completed a doctor of philosophy degree earned at the University of Colorado and a master’s degree in business administration, Baggot has a vast clinical knowledge to administrative. This has been due to her area of specialty while undertaking her graduate degree in nursing.

Deirdre Baggot’s most significant contributions across the medical profession have been towards advocating for and subsequently promoting matters to do with bundled payments. She believes that this is one of the most efficient billing methods as opposed to fee-for-service methods of payment. Learn more about Deirdre Baggot on Ideamensch

According to Deirdre Baggot, bundled payments are less stressful for patients, especially those suffering from chronic illnesses. While working as a nurse, Deirdre Baggot managed to earn a BSN, MBA, and a Ph.D. All these made her witness how distressful it was for patients with a constant flow of medical bills deposited to their mailboxes. With constant statements arriving on a monthly basis, a majority of uninsured or low-income patients were not able to cope.

Deirdre asserts that bundled payments make life easier for nurses, doctors, and the administrative staff. Apart from bundled payments, Baggot advocated for patient ‘checklist’ for the patients in care. According to her, it’s vital for health facilities to match lists to patients to avoid requesting excessive tests. The approach has evolved to be termed as ‘care protocol’ that spares patients of unnecessary tests and treatment options.

Along with her dedicated focus to healthcare, Baggot loves taking her time to ‘make memories’ with her friends and spending time with her family. Her favorite quote is by Maya Angelou reads, “Without courage, we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency.” The quote is an inspiration to her, which she has embraced to touch many hearts.

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