Jeunesse Global Provides Youth Enhancement Systems with Instantly Ageless

Jeuunesse Global was created in late 2009 by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. Wendy Lewis wanted to create a company with her husband and business partner Randy Ray after they both started seeing the benefits of stem cell research and the impacts it can have on health and appearance. Randy Ray started having issues with his knees and began injecting stem cells through excellent doctors in Beverly Hills, California. While waiting for her husband to finish his treatment, Wendy Lewis saw that there was a serum in the doctor’s office and started researching about the results. When she saw the improvement in the difference between the before and after photos of the people who had used the serums, she was shocked. They made changes to the formula to help it absorb in the skin better and they began researching to create one of the leading anti-aging companies in the world.

This led to the creation of the Y.E.S. system, or the Youth Enhancement System, creating Jeunesse in the process. They then recognized the value of the products that they began creating, so they created Jeunesse to help get these youth enhancement products out into the world. Juenesse is a global platform dedicated to providing training and support as well as the cutting-edge products. They have thousands of people helping them create their dreams by impacting the world. They want each of their employees to have the ability to reach their full potential while helping others look as young as they feel.

One of the popular product lines is Instantly Ageless. This product is great for reducing the appearance of age in target areas. Anyone who uses Instantly Ageless can apply the cream across the forehead, the eyebrows, or around the eyes to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. This will create an instant “brow life” appearance while also allowing hooded eyes to appear younger and reducing crow’s feet. The cream is also great with reducing the appearance of pores on the face. The micro-cream is made to last up to 9 hours, creating a visible lift in the skin that has lost elasticity.

The Improvement of Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare began in 1985 as a home to take care of the old people. The organization is a place for the people who want to live life to the fullest. We aim to provide psychological and emotional support to help lead a healthy life. The facility serves in more than 20 homes with over 530-bed spaces around Sussex. In every home, we have a qualified chef who aids in preparing nutritious food, especially for the people who need special dietary. Plus, we ensure that we have qualified nurses in each home who look after the health of each resident. People entrust us with the lives of their loved ones. No one regrets ever getting involved with our services. Visit CV Library to know more.

Besides taking care of the old people, Sussex Healthcare is the place for adults with health issues, like learning disabilities, neurological condition, autism, and brain condition. We purpose to provide an environment with a sense of healing. The residents can take part in community activities like gardening. We encourage physical activities. The events taking place at Sussex Healthcare should be fun. The activities promote healing of numerous conditions, like depression and some cancer. We look for caregivers who can suggest and encourage improvement. We offer a proper environment for recreational activities and leisure. Also, we provide transportation for the people living with disabilities to the various amenities, like swimming pool and specialized gymnasium.

Recently, the institution selected a new Chief Executive Officer to be Amanda Morgan-Taylor. The appointment shows the development in giving services to the residents this year and in the future. The leader worked in numerous public and private healthcare institutions. Morgan-Taylor served in the positions of the operation director and quality director. The individual works herself up through leadership positions to the current rank. As a strategic leader, Morgan-Taylor values the work of her employees and is willing to support them through challenges.

The leader acquainted herself with the activities at Sussex Healthcare. The CEO visited all homes in Sussex and talked to the residents, workers, and addressed the community as a whole. The leader respects and is willing to work hand in hand with her seniors to bring development in serving the community. Read more about Sussex Healthcare at