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1Most people who have had success in business likely agree with Alex Hern, the CEO of Tsunami XR, when asked what he would tell his younger self regarding achieving success: it is a marathon, not a sprint. It is such an important thing to understand, yet it is only after sprinting that one can fully appreciate what a marathon is. Visit Tsunamixr to learn more.

Alex Hern is also concerned with dropping the idea that multitasking makes one more efficient, that social media is a good way to spend your time and that frenetically checking your always-on phone is an avenue to success. In fact, he believes phones should be shut off for 4 hours every day, and what a smart idea that is.

It is no wonder that a progressive thinker like Alex Hern is the CEO of a company that capitalizes on trends. He points out that the world has moved from computing that only drew on central processing units (CPU) to a coordinated effort at computing smartly when CPUs are combined with graphics processing units (GPU), and that this trend is not going away. Learn more about Alex at UCSD.edu.

Every PC has parts that bring images to the screen, and as much as CPU’s were fine for a long time, they need some help. GPUs are being called the soul of a computer, while the CPU is still regarded as the brain. He called the company Tsunami because of the feeling that we have indeed transitioned to a time when both technologies are necessary to every computing experience.

When Alex Hern was asked how he incubates an idea, and what the process is to bring it to life, he had an interesting answer. He discussed how he makes the most of late night time, when others are sleeping, to enjoy the distraction-free environment to think about how technology is enhancing our business lives and how he can innovate those processes.

Mr. Hern believes that the early bird does indeed still get the worm and that consistency is the marathon-like key to success. He also says that focus is most important to reaching goals.

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Robert Ivy Names as the Latest Winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award

American Institute of Architects CEO Robert Ivy has recently been named the latest winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award. This latest award will provide Robert with prestigious recognition for his contributions to the field of architecture. Winning this award will allow him to further set himself apart from his peers. He was announced as the winner and then given the actual award this past June. Robert Ivy now joins a number of people who have won this highly coveted award. This list includes individuals such as prominent writers, actors and artists. Ivy has been very active in the architecture field as a writer, editor, and practicing architect. As a result, he has been in perfect position to eventually earn recognition for his accomplishments. Read more about Robert Ivy at Tulane School of Architecture website.

With Robert Ivy recently winning the Lifetime Achievement Award, he has been highly praised by a number of his peers in the field. The President of MILA Nancy LaForge is one of the individuals to express her congratulations to Robert. She mentioned that Robert’s years of experience and expertise have proven to provide more awareness and recognition of the architecture field. He has been able to provide people with valuable knowledge about how important the field is. Another individual to praise Robert is the President of the American Institute of Architects Carl Elefante. He has said that Robert has been a top ambassador to the field due to this experience as an author, editor and practicing architect. This praise is further recognition Ivy’s long list of career achievements.

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In 2011, Robert Ivy was named as the chief executive officer of the American Institute of Architects. Since becoming the CEO of the organization, he has been able to expand it to multiple countries throughout the world. Ivy has been able to provide key leadership for the organization which has enabled it to improve in terms of providing education, training and mentorship to architects. Before becoming the top administrator of the AIA, Robert Ivy spent a number of years as both a writer and an editor. During his time working in these fields, he would help publish a number of articles revealing key developments in the architecture field. Visit Archinect to know more about Robert Ivy.

Milan Kordestani Starts Farming Operation While Still In High School

Milan Kordestani became an entrepreneur early in life. He was born in Stanford, California, and lived there until partway through grade school, moving to London after his parents chose to get a divorce. While in London he attended Eaton Square School for a year before moving to the greater San Francisco area. He became a student at Sacred Heart Preparatory and graduated from there in 2017.

While he was still attending Sacred Heart Preparatory, Milan Kordestani established a farm called Milan Farms. His company sells free-range chicken eggs, saffron, and herbs. He has grown this into a four farm operation with three of these in California and the fourth in Colorado. They take orders for their eggs from people up and down the west coast as well as customers in Colorado. The saffron and herbs are sold globally.

He says that they grow the saffron in the traditional way but his company also embraces innovation. Milan Kordestani says that this means they use drip irrigation, the traditional method of growing saffron, but he has also invested in an aquaponic system so that it grows optimally. He also experiments with the amount of salinity in the water used to grow the herbs and saffron as well as trying different mineral compositions.

Milan Kordestani has been into riding horses since he was 10 years old. He says that in his first year of riding he was thrown off a horse he was riding on a trail. His father has said that Milan got right back up on the horse and rode it back to the camp they had established. His father was surprised by this as getting thrown off a horse can be a very jarring event for a child.

He went on to ride in a number of national competitions. in 2015 he rode his horse, His Supreme Reflection, to victory on the first leg of the triple crown. He also finished in fourth place at the Worlds Championship Horse Show where he competed in the Five Gaited Show Pleasure division.