Alex Pall of the Chainsmokers Brings Something More to the EDM Genre

The Chainsmokers are an EDM duo who have a long stuck to the formula of EDM. I am staying for them using their own vocal tracks in their songs, until the release of their single Closer with Halsey. Andrew Taggart stepped away from the typical and sang on the Closer track. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart both write Chainsmokers songs. This is another deviation away from what is typical in EDM music. It’s typical for DJs to use other songwriters or to cowrite songs with other songwriters. dance music, Closer, Alex Pall, The  Chainsmokers, Disc Jockey, music producer

Alex Pall of the Chainsmokers was a DJ growing up. He started booking regular DJ gigs in New York when he was pretty young. He decided to try giving it a professional shot. The chainsmokers manager introduced Alex to Andrew Taggart. The two spoke about what music they enjoy when they first met. From that point on they started making music together. They decided to avoid formating themselves after other EDM artists.

With a lot of hard work they have succeeded in making them yourself stand out from other EDM artists. Based on their social media following they’ve seen a more international fan base. They’ve also realized that their age categories for fans has changed from teenagers to over 30 year olds. They used to perform shows mainly for college ravers, so now they have to alter their shows To appeal to a wider age range of their fans. I having more songwriting input and more vocal tracks featured on their songs they also have to create a show that incorporates more of a performance. Alex Paul says that they’re proud of performing all of their songs live, unlike what many other DJs do. Pall has also put a lot of time with their visual production crew on creating visual that are different from any other EDM shows.

Matt Badiali: The Truth About Freedom Checks

Freedom Checks have been making headlines for some time now. People from all parts of the country want to know if this kind of investment is real or not. The internet has brought so many changes to the lives of investors. There are numerous opportunities where investors can earn some money using their investments online. There are many scams in this platform too. People have been conned by fraudsters who have been lying about investment opportunities. With these fraudsters from Nigeria and many other parts of the world, it can be very difficult for the ordinary person to understand whether an online opportunity is fake or not. Read this article at Affiliate Dork.

Before making any investment online, experts say that all people should conduct research and ask professionals around. If a top professional gives you the go ahead to venture into the investment in question, then an individual can consider taking the next step. Matt Badiali is one of the people most Americans depend on when they want to invest in natural resources and other complicated areas in the market. When the Freedom Check emerged, Matt Badiali noted that the investment opportunity was a great one, but most people did not want to invest because they felt that this was just going to be like all the other scams that have been making rounds. While fearing to lose the little amount they have saved, these individuals decided to abandon the idea.

Matt Badiali shared through the Banyan Publication that investors do not have to fear Freedom Checks. According to the top executive in Banyan Hill, it is a great way of earning some money when someone is still in their house. Using this investment opportunity, Matt Badiali believes that most people do not have to worry about their money, and they should only be prepared to earn profits. Freedom Checks have already helped many people in the country to get some good wealth, and this is really proving that other investors can try their luck. Badiali has been investing in Freedom Checks for a while now, and he says that he has not been disappointed by the returns he has received.


Badiali is a scientist who is changing the lives of many investors living in the world. Badiali has been working with one of the top international firms that is known as Banyan Hill Publications for a long time, and he has assisted so many people to get the best investments in the American complex market. Learn more about Freedom Checks at

Jeff Yastine: Reaching Out To Investors Globally Through Profitable Writing

Jeff Yastine is a proficient editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. He joined Banyan Hill Publishing Company in 2015 as an editorial director. Jeff has a vast experience in financial journalism and stock market investment. He uses his profound expertise in writing about investment and financial markets. This provides the readers who are major investors with the latest insights revolving around economic, business, profit-making opportunities, and financial trends.

Before joining Banyan Hill Publishing, Jeff worked for “PBS Nightly Business Report” as a correspondent between 1994 and 2010. Jeff has landed in the hands of many investment giants where he had the opportunity to interview them. Through such involvements, Jeff was able to learn some secrets and acquired knowledge on investments. Some of the entrepreneurs and investors that Jeff interviewed included Michael Dell, Bill Gross, John Bogle, Mr. Richard Branson, and Warren Buffets among many others. Read this article at

Jeff Yastine has helped many individuals to realize the available invested opportunities surrounding them. This has been possible through the reports he makes in the publishing company through his writing. Jeff has also contributed to the turnaround in most companies in different sectors. These include agriculture, retails, and biotechnology. Apart from highlighting the investment opportunities in the market, Jeff has helped several people in being cautious about major events in different nations. For example, he warned investors about the dangers regarding the unstainable growth during the late 1990s. Jeff Yastine has crossed through several places among them being Cuba where he went to cover the effect of foreign investors in any nation’s economy. This happened twice, in 1994 and 2003. Follow Jeff Yastine on Facebook.

Jeff Yastine was nominated for Business Emmy Award in 2007 due to his incredible work in reporting matters around less funded road systems, public infrastructure, and bridges in the United States among other issues. He is also recognized for being involved in 2002 NBR journalist team who got an award for New York State Society. Jeff joins a team of committed and excellent experts at Banyan Hill to offer the best services to clients and readers. They make subscriptions to their newsletters and receive valuable information from these experts, which is meant to be an eye opener towards their financial freedom and innovativeness in their lives. Companies have also benefited from the information posted, and this has helped many to realize their potential in containing total wealth in the United States and the entire world. This allows one to have considerable freedom in making an informed decision towards the financial destiny and decisions that will lead to their growth in terms wealth. The publications contribute towards lowering the risks of investing and financial worries that many people harbor.


Nick Vertucci: Not Your Typical Rags-to-Riches Story

Nick Vertucci has just released a new book, called “Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed” and this book is a total game-changer. Anyone looking to succeed in life in terms of wealth and financial stability should pick this book up, or even just as a motivating tool! This book, as explained in its Forward, by none other than a multi-millionaire original member of the hit show Shark Tank‘s Kevin Harrington, as a man who went from “rags to riches, back to rags, and then back to riches!” You already know that the author of this book has been through some huge life-altering experiences and will have much to share in this book just from reading that!

But let’s talk about Nick Vertucci, who is he? Well, Vertucci today is an accomplished real estate investor plus the founder and CEO of his own self-titled companies, The Nick Vertucci Companies of Irvine, California. Vertucci wasn’t always as successful as he is today, he started out without having the education or money he required to build a successful life, but then made quite the dollar by getting into the tech industry. Later, even though he once again found himself broke, he tried his hand once more and once again found himself to be a millionaire. All of that, and more is in this wonderful book that will provide you with all the tools you need to be successful.

Additionally, Vertucci founded the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (also called the NVREA), which is a great program that assists those trying to make success for themselves as real estate investors.

In addition, Vertucci is in charge of developing the Fortunes in Flipping system, where he is a teacher to aspiring entrepreneurs and real estate developers of how to purchase, remodel, and then put a property on the market. Vertucci, once a tech guy, even a seller of computer parts and such, got into real estate only by chance, by one day participating in a training real estate seminar with one of his friends.

Don’t forget to keep up with Vertucci’s endless real estate projects and latest business ventures, by also catching him on his well-known radio segments on the “Real Estate Investing Hour” on KFWB News Talk 180, where he discusses in detail how his Fortunes in Flipping kit will help aspiring real estate investors, or even those looking to make the extra buck to make ends meet!

To learn more about this inspiring real estate investor, you can also visit his Facebook page.

The RealReal Emphasizes Value of Luxury Items

Since several years ago, Julie Wrainwright, CEO of The RealReal, has been saying that the latest private funding round for her company will be the last, only to secure more private funding. Several sources have said that Wrainwright’s current goal is to raise $100 million more in funding. Since its launch in 2011, The RealReal, a secondhand luxury clothing and accessories company, has already earned $170 in private funding.

The eventual IPO round for The RealReal will involve opening up the doors for public investors and acquirers to buy stock in the company, and there are many reasons that The RealReal may be remaining private at this time. One such possibility is that they do not believe their company is appealing enough as it is to acquire private investors, and that it needs more time to prove that it can be a valuable long-term business. Another possibility is that they have realized just how big the market for secondhand luxury goods is, and they believe that if their company invests more in growth, that will result in them eventually having a bigger market share.

The RealReal started up as merely a women’s luxury clothing company, but since its inception in 2011, it has branched out, including menswear, art, and home decor in its stock, along with of course women’s’ accessories. It also has moved from being exclusively an online company to having a physical location in New York City, and hoping to have more physical locations in the future. And while some may worry that luxury consignment stores reduce the sales of designer brands, this is not true at all. In fact, The RealReal has actually been driving sales of designer brands, both because someone will buy something first-hand from a brand they already loved a secondhand clothing item from, and because knowing that a clothing item has resale value can encourage investing significant money on it. The company also has a strict policy for detecting fake items, and holds themselves accountable – they once returned a $100,000 pair of diamond earrings that had accidentally been left in the store.

GoBuyside (NY Recap)

It seems that you can never find good talent when you need it-or can you.

You can find top talent, you just have to know where to look, this is true, especially in Corporate America. In the corporate world money matters, so they have to be cautious as to who handle their funds, this is especially true when the firm is dealing with investment and hedge funds, which involves tens of thousands to billions of dollars. Learn more about GoBuyside’s founder at

Your firm can indeed find top talent when you discover a company called GoBuyside. GoBuyside was established in 2011, and in seven years it has gained the implicit trust and respect of the business world.

To learn more about GoBuyside, go to its website, sign up and begin to experience the joy of having a company of skilled professionals.

Yes, GoBuyside is gaining many accolades from satisfied clients for helping their companies to survive and thrive. There’s not too many people saying bad things them, that is except their haters, but what can you expect with a phenomenal company like GoBuyside? A company to help investment firms tap their talent potential, potential they thought the didn’t have, a company with that kind of success is bound to arouse some jealousy.

GoBuyside knows it isn’t easy to find such talent, that’s why if you were to go to, you’ll learn from their article about seven different challenges that investments firms are having in finding top-tier talent and how they can address and solve such challenges.


So, when it comes to looking for a firm that offers qualified help in finding top corporate talent, now you know you don’t have to go far to find it, in fact, it’s as close as your home computer. In case you would also like to know GoBuyside’s physical address, it’s located @ 260 Madison Avenue, right in the epicenter of midtown Manhattan.

It’s trusted staff is also available online to answer all your recruitment based questions, much to your satisfaction.

GoBuyside, the company that is changing the face of Corporate America for its own financial good.

Because just because it seems good talent is hard to find doesn’t mean you can’t. Follow GoBuyside on Facebook.

Jeremy Goldstein, a Reputable Lawyer

When one is faced with legal charges, it is always a stressful moment since you keep wondering where you will find the right lawyer to represent you. So that you have an easy time in finding the right lawyer that can offer you quality and reputable services, it is imperative that you get to consider the New Yorkers.

It is the most convenient way that you can hire the right attorney that has the experience and qualifications that you are looking for a better lawyer.

Moreover, the online platform has been launched by the New York State Bar Association in collaboration with the LRIS so that those people that need lawyers can be able to find them with a lot of ease. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Facebook and Jeremy Goldstein | Quora

The good news about the online platform is that the services are made available 24 hours such that it will be easy to access the site and hire the lawyer that suits you. To make the services better customers can use telephone services and get linked to the perfect lawyer that will professionally represent them.

The services that are offered by the Lawyer Referral and Information Services reduces the stress that lots of people experience when looking for the lawyer that they can be able to hire.

Besides, the lawyers that are hired online are affordable since their costing is reasonable thus making it easy for you to hire the right one that matches your needs. From the website, you will be able to fill a form that will be reviewed so that you can be connected to the most appropriate lawyer based on the requirements that you have filled.

Therefore, Jeremy Goldstein has been leading in the law industry for the services that he offers to the clients that hire his legal services. Mr. Goldstein is a parent with Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates Company.

This law firm provides legal services that are based on the compensation and other corporate matters. Jeremy Goldstein has more years in the industry since he has been working with a lot of companies increasing his experience and skills in handling legal compensation issues or the clients.

Through the services that Jeremy provides to customers has made the Legal 500 to list him amongst the best lawyers in the USA. He earned his degree in law from the New York University School of law.

The Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associate LLC is a great firm that is reputable, and it handles its services in line with the demands of the clients.

Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and

Richard Dwayne Blair, Education As An Asset

The momentum of the company that Richard Dwayne Blair founded has made a tremendous impact on the generation that necessarily did not regard capitalism to begin with, but for those who are benefitting from services and the terms that the company offers, capitalism is exactly what this country needs more of which is the staple that is provided by Richard Dwayne Blair himself through the business systems of Wealth Solutions. His business runs as a corporate body who helps out other business systems and high earning people who come to Wealth Solutions to enact a solution on their financial statements. Richard Dwayne Blair had an easy time understanding the value of confidence and knowledge which stemmed from financial education from an early age. His mom and his grandmother both adhered to the law of education as they were both teachers in the educational field themselves. Even his wife was a teacher who emphasized the importance of the education to allocate even more knowledge and confidence in his chosen field. The obvious outcome to these events led him to go to college in Houston for a resourcefulness in finance. He came out of school knowing what he was going to do exactly and he preceded to become the founder of Wealth Solutions. Richard Dwayne Blair as the CEO enforced three rules to attending to the customers that walked through the doors of his company and they are the guidelines to help one achieve financial freedom entirely. The first and most important method is to meet with the customers to get to know them and to figure out what it is exactly that they want to do with their selected amount of capital. This is to know how to generally keep their money secure and safe while compounding at the same time. The second criteria is to actually implement the strategy that was discussed previously in order to provide the goods and services that Wealth Solutions offers to its paying customers. The third is just as urgent as the first because even though action on behalf of the client has been taken, the investment still needs to be kept safe and sound away from the expense column that could break their accounts. These are the pivotal points that Wealth Solutions adheres to and it is critical information that contributes to the vast culture of being financially educated.

Academy of Art University Collaborates With City Leaders On Augmented Reality

Academy of Art University (AAU) students have crafted an app using augmented reality technology to collect real-time data which will make San Francisco’s Tenderloin District a safer neighborhood.

The AAU, which has called San Francisco home since 1929, works with students in the areas of design, communication and the arts, presenting AA, BA, BFA, MA, MFA & M.Arch degree programs.

The privately-owned for profit art school was founded by Richard Stephens and his wife Clara. Dr. Elisa Stephens, granddaughter of the school’s founder, followed her father as AAU president in 1992 and helped expand the student population to more than 14,000.

While wealthy areas such as Nob Hill and Downtown border on the Tenderloin District, it has been acknowledged as perilous and dangerous. The Tenderloin District, which houses about 25,000 people in a quarter square mile, has both the leading rate of crime and poverty in San Francisco,


Four AAU students took part in a Tech in the Tenderloin event competing against students from Stanford University, Penn State University and the University of California Berkeley to discover outcomes unique to the Tenderloin District.

The smartphone app, Tenderfeels, makes the most of augmented reality technology, also called AR, to improve the things heard, seen and felt. Users of the technology come into contact with new interactions where virtual facts and figures provide help in daily actions.

The app also uses AR to collect real-time data based on how the residents of the Tenderloin District feel as they reveal their moods involving their present environment.

For example, residents can give details in real time on their emotions, which range from angry and frustrated to joyful and happy, on each block within the district.

One of the ambitions of the app is to provide the information to schools and government groups who will be able to identify problem areas, tackle them and in the end solve issues.

AAU students from the School of Game Development gave a demonstration of Tenderfeels to San Francisco Mayor’s Office Chief Innovation Officer, Jay Nast.

AAU’s School of Game Development educates in game design, programming, 3D modeling and texturing. It also instructs in concept art, animation, visual effects and more.


Malcolm CasSelle and WAX Eliminate Fraud Without Third-Party Intervention

Malcolm CasSelle a successful businessman and CEO and President of (WAX) World Asset Exchange pursues efforts to eliminate fraud in the transfer of online virtual assets without the intervention of third parties that are consistently prevalent within the centralized banking institutions. Malcolm CasSelle has established a revolutionary approach to online asset transfers with the creation of WAX tokens that are utilized as gaming value that individuals investing in cryptocurrency can also take advantage of and transfer assets around the globe without the interference and Interruption of the centralized banking industry. In fact, the WAX tokens create an opportunity to eliminate the risk of fraud that is apparent within centralized marketplaces due to the common issues such as failure to deliver goods are incomplete assets transferred over these platforms. By utilizing WAX tokens, the value that is established and transferred as smart contracts with guaranteed delivery of the goods over the online blockchain platforms is creating an opportunity for individuals to have a level of trust and security in their asset transfers that were not possible with the centralized banking infrastructure.

Malcolm CasSelle continues to provide incredibly high levels of analysis and creativity in the production and establishment of platforms that create user-friendly approaches to online asset transfers and create an environment for individuals to move assets over geographical and continental locations with ease and simplicity without institutional regulations. With the utilization of the WAX tokens, individuals can have the peace of mind that their delivery of assets will be accomplished without any complications. Malcolm CasSelle continues to innovate and inspire the expansion of computer science technology in the form of virtual asset transfers of value online with the incredibly efficient platforms at World Asset Exchange.


Malcolm CasSelle has held various high-level leadership positions within some of the larger and most successfully ran online social media and information technology companies. The expertise and knowledge gained over a successful career within the information technology industry have provided Malcolm CasSelle with tremendous insight and perspective in ways to eliminate fraud without the intervention of third parties that can be costly for end users.


Find out more about  Malcolm CasSelle: