How Susan McGalla Increased Sales Of Steelers Gear

Over the years various researchers have looked at how diversity affects businesses bottom-line. It is now pretty clear that businesses who have a diversity of employees do better than those who do not. It looks pretty clear that the reason for this phenomena is that businesses with diversity are more open to different viewpoints and ways of looking at things. Unfortunately, most S&P 500 companies have ignored this research for the most part and still have little to no diversity in their highest ranking executives.

Susan McGalla is one of the few women to buck this trend. She started out at American Eagle Outfitters and steadily earned promotions until she was the president of this firm. She went on to own her own companies and be a top executive at other companies like The Wet Seal, Inc. She says that the way most women networks and initiatives over the years designed to get women into the top ranks of companies have failed. She thinks a different approach is needed, such as assigning each promising women with a mentor who can help guide their careers.

Today Susan McGalla is a top executive for the Pittsburg Steelers. She directs both their business strategy and their creative development efforts. She came up with an implemented a plan to sell more Steelers gear, for example, in 2015. At the time she stated that she wanted to make it quicker and easier for fans of this NFL team to shop their products. This greatly increased how much clothing and accessories they were selling.

Susan McGalla is originally from East Liverpool, Ohio. Her first professional position was at Joseph HOme Company after she graduated from college. She is a graduate of Mount Union College and during her college years she was on their Board of Advisors.

OSI Industries Doubles Chicken Production in Spain’s Toledo Facility

OSI Group is a premier global food provider with a network of over 60 facilities in different continents. To maintain its relevance to the industry, OSI Group has more than 20,000 workers who offer their services with the aim to maintain a stable food solutions company. Moreover, OSI Group thrives in its objective to continue expanding its network. That is why recently when the facility announced the double chicken production project in Spain’s Toledo facility, the management was elated. Here is more on the expansion.

There is a production facility in OSI Group’s Toledo facility. This facility just expanded its chicken production. The expansion is based on the firm’s ability to supply chicken products to the ever-growing population as it was noted that the city’s population is vastly expanding. Also, according to the managing director of the facility, Mr. Jose Maria del Rio, the population growth will not be stagnant for a while as this city is the hotbed of job-seeking millennials. Coupled with modern upgrades in the facility, the expansion is set to create a comfortable working environment for employees as well. It is projected that the future of OSI Group is safe in the hands of leaders who have always provided relevant expansion strategies and direction in growth.

Besides the Toledo expansion, OSI Group has acquired several other facilities including Baho Food. Baho Food is a Dutch manufacturing plant for meat delis and other animal proteins. With the acquisition, OSI Group has managed to maintain its client base and even better increase its production capacity. Moreover, the company has also managed to maintain its ability to provide clients with more products thereby, satisfying their needs.

The global food network prides itself on being a leading provider of meat-based food products. In China alone, this company has built the state’s economy in numerous ways including fostering ties between China and other businesses. It is also of importance to note that OSI Group has always manufactured food based on the required health standards. Without a doubt, this is one aspect that has continued to grow the company’s credibility. That way, OSI Group has managed to land many opportunities in international markets. Well, coupled with experienced leaders who can provide relevant advice from time to time, OSI Group is on the right path of growth. Its operational excellence is on a different level. Conclusively, it is relevant to note that OSI Group will continue to expand its service scope given a chance.

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Paul Mampilly Not Bullish On Marijuana Stocks

Paul Mampilly is a man known for making bold predictions. This tendency is in direct contrast to the hesitancy of many in the investment industry to stake their reputation on the investment advice that they give.

Those that know Paul Mampilly are sure that the confidence he displays is a result of the years of experience and success he has already realized in the industry. While working as the key hedge fund manager for Kinetics Asset Management, Mampilly grew the fund that he managed from its original value of $6 billion to $25 billion. The fund also yielded and an average of 26% annually under Mampilly’s stewardship. Read more about Paul Mampilly at Talk Markets.

Paul Mampilly’s success has not gone unnoticed by media sources. He has been featured in a number of news articles both printed and electronic. Mampilly’s work has also been publicized on television programs featured on CNBC, Fox Business, and Bloomberg Television.

A recently published article by Banyan Hill Publishing allowed Mampilly to express his opinions about the marijuana stocks that are all the rave in some investment circles. Mampilly is not recommending investment in these stocks.

Marijuana Stocks Rapid Rise

The legalized cannabis industry today is a $7 billion industry that is expected to grow to $24 billion by the end of a measured period of eight years. Adding to the excitement surrounding marijuana stocks is the fact that some companies in the industry saw more than a 2000% increase in value. Despite what many see as a gold mine, Paul Mampilly urges his followers away from the marijuana industry. Read this article at Seeking Alpha.

Paul Mampilly’s Case Against Marijuana Stocks

Mampilly explains that marijuana stocks actually been a slow decline soon after the rapid rise that excited so many investors. For this reason, he fills that the present investment climate for these stocks are too unstable for the average American to risk.

Through his newsletter, Profits Unlimited, Paul Mampilly alerts his reader to another investment opportunity that he boldly proclaims will generate more profits than marijuana stocks and bitcoin combined. Mampilly predicts that the pick he has given his readers will rise in value from around $235 billion to more than $4 trillion in the next four years.

Profits Unlimited

Paul Mampilly uses his Profits Unlimited newsletter to provide the average American with information regarding the stock market and provide them an edge in the investment industry. More than 100,000 readers subscribe to Profits Unlimited.


David Giertz: Keys To Success

David Giertz is the president of nationwide financials sales and distribution division. He has over 30 years of experience in the progressive financial services industry and is the president of his division he helped to bring them significant growth from $11 billion to $17.8 billion in annual revenue. David is a certified business coach with the World Association of business coaches and does help serve an advisor to many entrepreneurs over his long career. Before beginning his job at a nationwide, he worked for Citigroup as a financial services advisor. Over time he worked his way up through the corporate ladder of Citigroup to become an executive vice president of sales due to his long history of superior performance. He graduated with his Masters in business administration from the University of Miami after receiving his bachelors in science from Millikin University.

When asked about what it was that has allowed him to become so successful David Giertz believes that it is due to the fact that he implemented a program within the corporation that helped to bring together the company’s top performers in an effort to reduce feelings of disconnectedness and undervaluation. This program decreased the rate of turnover for their senior employees and increased levels of engagement and loyalty throughout the entire workforce.

In order to bring his ideas to life, he relies on bringing the right people into the fray. As the levels of the diversity increase around the execution of an idea the more significant potential the idea has. As people feel like they have ownership over the concept, it brings life to the idea itself.

The rate of change in the world’s technology is incredibly exciting to David as it has lent an opportunity for corporations to compete at higher levels and ever more efficiently. The proper blending of human talent and top-of-the-line technology is necessary for corporations to remain competitive.

When asked what one of the critical ingredients for his success is David Giertz responded that networking has far more impact on one’s life then you may believe. Over the course of his career there have been many times that he has experienced deficits in his skill set, but by applying his work ethic and utilizing the resources that were at his disposal, he was able to minimize the adverse effects. By avoiding a negative mindset and focusing on positivity, he has been able to not only live a happier life but inspire others to do the same.