Makes The Best Deals!

Nexbank Capital, Inc. is a financial company based in Dallas, Texas. Recently, the company was in the news due to a $54 million offering of subordinated debt that it recently completed. The notes were made as private offerings, with the firm of Sandler O’Neill and Partners, L.P. acting in the role of sole placement agent. The deal was made and announced on September 19.

The notes were offered as subordinated notes with a fixed-to-floating rate. This means that the notes will accrue interest at a set rate for five years. After that, the interest rate will be made based on the current 3-month LIBOR. All these notes of credit cannot be called in for five years, and are set to mature on September 19, 2017.

With the closing of this deal, Nexbank has raised $283 million in debt, loans, and equity since 2016. The loans are not covered under the Securities Act.

Nexbank Capital, Inc. provides its services mostly to corporations and financial institutions, but also to private real estate investors. Their charter was written in 1922. Their four main areas of business are mortgage banking, commercial banking, corporate advisory, and institutional services. They are registered with the FDIC and are routinely rated well. They are the 10th largest bank in Texas, and the 161st largest bank in the United States. Their money market rates are 3 times the national average. The company reports that it has about $7.6 billion in assets as of September 30, 2017.

Although they are a regional bank with only 4 physical locations, they do business all over the USA and elsewhere. Apart from this, they are active in sponsoring a number of community organizations. For example, the company recently announced that it would sponsor the 32nd annual luncheon of the Dallas Women’s Foundation. This is a group that works to secure a greater amount of female leadership, particularly in the financial sector. Nexbank gave them a generous $100,000 to support their goals. They also provide accomodative housing and consumer loans to over 2,200 Texas veterans.

For nearly a century now, they have been making great deals, and helping others to do the same. While the headline of this article may be debatable, it would nevertheless be hard to disprove.

Sussex Health Care, Adding New Services To Their Care Homes

Sussex Health Care is one of the largest independent care homes located throughout the United Kingdom. With more than a dozen care homes located throughout the country, Sussex Health Care has been able to provide their residents with diverse and unique health care options at each one of the locations.

Sussex Health Care is one of the only care homes that has received dual accreditation and is also licensed by multiple organizations. The care home is lead by a well known medical professional which is Shafik Sachedina. Shafik Sachedina does a great job with keeping the facility in code and up to date with the latest technologies for their patients.

Sussex Health Care recently added audiology services to their care home. Their audiology services are provided in the location of Surrey, Sussex and Berkshire. The audiology services has been accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Services. Since the center has opened, it has been receiving amazing feedback. Residents have been happy with the services that Sussex Health Care provided with their audiology services. Residents have been able to restore their confidence and their independence after receiving care from Sussex.

Sussex Health Care starts off by proving their patients with assessment test to determine if an age related hearing disorder exists or not. After a hearing problem has been detected, Sussex Health Care then provides their patients with hearing aids and hearing aid fitting to ensure that the size is perfect for the patients. Sussex health Care’s audiology services are the best because patients are able to still receive care from Sussex Health Care even three years after the first assessment has been given.

In addition to Sussex Health Care proving their patients with the new services of audiology, Sussex Health Care has also provided their patients with a new gym. The gym is located in their West Sussex location, and people have really been enjoying this new addition. The gym is open to senior citizens of the community. Seniors will be able to interact with the residents of the care home while they enjoy exercise and all of the benefits that the care home has to offer. Sussex Health Care has defiantly been providing the health care field with all of the modern care services that the field has been missing!


Ronald Fowlkes

As a professional or law-abiding citizen, anyone dealing with Ronald Fowlkes needs to know that he’s quite serious about his profession. And to put things simply, his profession is law enforcement, combat training and being a keeper of the peace. He is quite knowledgeable about his job and profession with a cadre of personal experience in tow. Starting from the top with the newest first, his list of employment includes Eagle Industries Unlimited where he is the Business Development Manager of Law Enforcement and Commercial products. In the course of his work, day he makes calls to customers, ensures that 150 sales personnel are educated on their sales product, and he is involved with product development and selection for sale. For sure, this is a big deal. But, it’s not the most impressive position on his resume, debatably.


His previous experience includes working with the Department of Defense as a contractor and working with the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization. This previous position is with United States Army while working in Iraq. The duties entailed with that position include the mounting and dismounting of infantry operations while in a combat zones no less. Ronald also has experience in teaching military personnel about tactical operations, hostage rescue, post-blast analysis evidence collection, and other strategic activities of that nature.


His law enforcement experience spans more than a dozen years, with a decade in the Saint Louis Metropolitan Police Department and just three years with the St Louis County Police Department. Amazingly enough, he even manages to throw in seven years of service with the Saint Louis Metropolitan HRT team. This is an extremely dangerous yet rewarding job, and he is personally involved with high-risk entries into high-crime areas for more than 250 takedowns a year. And, when he’s not protecting the neighborhood from bad men by kicking in doors and doing what other people are frankly afraid to do, his unit and its members work and more so on investigations, which track gang activity and illegal gun possession. He also keeps his finger on the pulse of the narcotic activity in his community, as a law enforcement professional.


But, Ronald Fowlkes is not just a brave and courageous man of action. He is also a Marine. His service record includes the years 1989 through 1993. And in that time, he is promoted twice. He is also a veteran of the first Gulf War. And have no doubts, his esteamed record of service is not something that he just stumbled into or settle for. There are quite a few prestigious training institutions on his resume as well. For example, he is a former attendee of the Marine Combat Training program at the Marine Corps School of Infantry. His training also includes basic engineering at the air Naval Gunfire Liaison company. There is a little bit of US Army Parachute School in there as well.


Talkspace for Those Who Need Therapy

If you’ve gone to therapy in the past but didn’t have much luck with it, there is a better and more modern option available to you. The problem that comes with therapy is that it is often expensive, ineffective and inconvenient. You might have gone to therapy in the past and found that you just weren’t connected with the professional and they weren’t understanding your unique problems. Other times, you might have found that going to a local therapist was downright expensive, even if they were helping you out. Often, people find going to a therapist to be highly inconvenient because of the weekly appointments and trying to find time away from work and family to see someone.

Thankfully, a New York City-based company created a brand new option known as Talkspace. Talkspace enables you to gain access to a network of professional therapists who are app-based. This means that after you download an app to your mobile device, you can be messaging a therapist and getting the help that you need. This is ideal for anyone who has had a bad experience with conventional therapy in the past and knows that they need something that will work with their hectic lifestyle.

Talkspace is a lot cheaper than what you might be used to as well. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars per session at a local therapist’s office, you’re only paying a few dollars a day for 24/7 access to licensed care. This is an essential part of your mental health and it is crucial that you talk to someone when you feel you need it the most. Get your life back on track without the inconvenience of seeing someone locally by downloading Talkspace and giving it a try for yourself to see if it can help you as it has for so many others.

Glen Wakeman and the Five Dimensions of Performance

Glen Wakeman is a business professional with a wide range of experiences, including mergers and acquisitions, guiding startups and leading large companies. His diversity of experiences gives him a unique and original perspective on entrepreneurship and business. Throughout his decades of experience, Glen Wakeman has embodied his five key dimensions of performance: Leadership; Human Capital; Execution; Risk Management; and Governance. Follow Glen Wakeman’s profile on Twitter.

Mr. Wakeman received his BS in Economics from Scranton University in 1981, and subsequently his MBA from the University of Chicago. He started his executive career at GE Capital and, for more than twenty years, Glen Wakeman was an indispensable asset for the conglomerate. During the final stages of his tenure with GE, Mr. Wakeman was CEO of GE Money Latin America. Under his leadership, GE Money Latin America grew from a startup to a company with $12 billion in assets, $100 million in annual earnings and nearly twenty-thousand employees. Wakeman worked in six different countries and garnered experience with emerging markets in this way. Ater leaving GE, Mr. Wakeman moved to the Miami area to start his brainchild: Launchpad. Read more on

Mr. Wakeman’s Diversity of experiences -with a focus on entrepreneurship- led him to create Launchpad. Launchpad is a platform meant to springboard entrepreneurs into success by creating a simple and workable plan of action. Launchpad is a Software as a Service -or SAAS- company. Launchpad software infuses Wakeman’s experience and expertise with the convenience of an app in the business planning stages. A labor of love, Glen Wakeman is working to help new entrepreneurs achieve the same type of success he has.

By focusing his efforts on the most important things in his life, Mr. Wakeman has paved a road to success for others to follow. The work he has done is a model for others who wish to become successful entrepreneurs.

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How Oncotarget is Improving Cancer Treatment

When Oncotarget was first introduced to the market, there were things that people were learning about it and things they felt they could do with it to make sure they were getting the best experience possible. Oncotarget continued to grow and more people learned about the opportunities they would have for success in different areas. It all went back to how they could make a difference and how they could provide people with the options they needed. Oncotarget was doing what they could to connect oncologists and give them what they were looking for. Additionally, the publication made sure they were offering people everything they needed to know about how they could try different things. It all came down to how they could try their best and how they could make an impact in the community they worked with. For Oncotarget, this was something that made a lot of sense and something they felt they could feel good about no matter what. Follow Oncotarget on Linkedin.

As long as the company was doing their best to help people, they felt they could stay connected in different areas. Research Gate talked about how Oncotarget was constantly bringing doctors together. The more doctors that joined the publication, the more treatment options there were. People began to see how great things were for those who were trying to learn more about cancer treatment and that all went back to what they were doing to be successful. Everyone knew there would be more opportunities and that gave them the inspiration they needed. Listen to an audio podcast of Oncotarget on Itunes.

For Oncotarget, there have been many positive changes to how things are done. They want their doctors to have the chance to connect with each other and to make sure they are doing things the right way. They also want to give the community what they need to be successful. Since doctors can all remain confident about what they are doing to be successful, there are new ways they can experience growth. They can even show people how things will get better no matter what issues they are facing or what they are doing to get to that point.


Overcoming Everything To Become The Success She Is Today

Whitney Wolfe Herd is changing the game with the world of dating. With her app, Bumble, making waves across the globe and being one of the most downloaded dating apps online today, she is ultimately the women who fought against all the odds for women in the workplace and in general.

Most people know her as the woman who created Bumble in her twenties, but not many people know she helped co-create Tinder. in fact, she helped build the app with her own set of ideas and strategies, but it wasn’t until her then boyfriend started treating her wrong and abusing her and the entire company had neglected her. Being a woman in the midst of men, she was mistreated and sued the app for misconduct.

In the end, she wanted no more business with the people from Tinder, and she learned early on that she needed to move forward from the company. From that experience, she continued realizing and remembering how much so many women struggle and deal with unnecessary disrespect from men on dating apps and even on sites like Linkedin that are meant to be professional social media sites. The guys who go out of their way to message things like, “I saw you on Tinder so I thought I’d say on this social media site as well.” The disrespect and how men chase and run after women because of how society has put men on the side of chasing women has caused some of them to go into the aggressive mode. With the right societal shift, this doesn’t have to happen.

This caught her eye and reminded her she could make a difference in the way that she can. So she created Bumble, and through this app, she is making sure that when a guy and girl swipe right on each other and they match, no men can go after the girl to message her. The woman must message first in order to keep the conversation going. This allows for women to feel safe, secure, and capable of making own choices whether to pursue a guy or not.

This entire app is her way of showcasing to the people from Tinder that she has a hold of her life, and after recently getting married and becoming Whitney Wolfe Herd, she is showing that true love does exist. At such a young age, she definitely has her life together.

About Whitney Wolfe Herd:

Jorge Moll’s Research Finds That Kindness Really Does Matter

Have you heard that it is better to give than it is to receive? According to neuroscientist Jorge Moll, this is a scientific fact. He was part of a team who asked first to visualize giving a large sum of money to charity, then imagine keeping it for themselves. As the volunteers pictured this scenario, their brains were scanned. The results of these brain scans showed that the same part of the brain that is activated when a person anticipates eating or sexual stimulation is activated when they imagine helping others. Follow Jorge on

The connection that Jorge Moll and others involved in the study made between neuroscience and giving is an important one. It seems to suggest that the brain is pre-programmed for morality, and that this may have been an important part of human evolution. Further study indicates that human morality’s roots may lie in empathy. A study on rats showed that if a rat was aware that other rats were being harmed when they ate, they would eventually stop eating. Furthermore, patients with brain damage and mental health issues show signs of having less empathy than patients with no mental illness and/or brain damage.


Jorge Moll received his MD from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and his PhD in experimental physiopathology from Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz da Universidade de São Paulo. He is also the director and serves on the board of the D’Or Institute for Research and Education. He is an elected affiliate member of the Brazilian Academy of Science and governors board member of the International Neuroethics Society. He also received a Visiting Scholar Award from the Stanford Neuroscience Institute at Stanford University. His neuroscience work examines morality, behavioral neuroscience, and the prefrontal cortex. He is currently the head of the Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Unit at the D’Or Institute for Research and Education, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Watch this video on Youtube.

Talkspace is a Change for the Better

Based on the success of Talkspace, online therapy is here to stay. Talkspace is the modern alternative to traditional therapy. It is effective and convenient.

Learn More About Talkspace

When you choose to use Talkspace services, you can be confident that you are interacting with a licensed therapist. A therapist who is concerned about you. They want to help you cope and start to feel better quickly and to help you make a positive change in your life. The therapists listen and they understand.

It’s not about traveling to a therapist office one week and then doing it all over again at the next week’s visit, and so on. Instead, a visit with your Talkspace therapist is available when and how you need it. It can be through video chat, messaging or even texting or a combination of these. They will respond when you reach out.

There is no embarrassment or stigma attached to receiving your therapy with Talkspace. It is totally private and 100% secure. People come to Talkspace with a variety of problems they are experiencing. It could be for reasons of depression, career stress, relationship issues, anxiety, bipolar disorder or even the feelings that come with everyday stress. If you need help coping, Talkspace therapists want to help you. Not just once a week like traditional therapy sessions. They will respond and check in with you. They want you to start feeling better fast.

Therapy with Talkspace is Affordable

There are several different priced plans from which to choose. You can select the plan that best fits your budget. Try Talkspace, and make a positive change in your life.

Highland Capital Is A Reputable Investment Advisory Firm

Are planning to enter into the investment arena and need expert assistance? Looking for a reliable investment advisory firm that can help you succeed? Whether you’re starting in investing or looking for information or advice on how to grow your existing portfolio, it is imperative to enlist the services of a reputable firm.

Investing is an area that requires impeccable knowledge as well as the ability to make sound decisions. Many people seek expert help in order to make the right decision and reach their goal. Although, one can start investing on their own, an investment advisory professional or firm can be beneficial. By enlisting the services of a renowned firm like Highland Management Capital, you can save, budget, invest your funds in a proper and professional way to ensure consistent and significant returns. Learn more about Highland Capital at Crunchbase.

Well established investment management firms like Highland Capital also incorporate control of assets and securities with a mission of reaching estimated financial targets. Their service or approach to investing involves careful analysis and proper implementation for wealth creation.

If you are truly on the lookout for a reliable way to get started in investing, wealth building or money management, it is extremely important to contact Highland Capital – a reputable investment and wealth advisory firm. Read more at

When you get in touch with Highland Capital, a financial or investment expert will go over your financial situation with you and advise you on the proper approach to take and let you know which financial or investment options are best for your situation. An experienced money management or investment professional will ensure that you understand how to identify viable opportunities and what steps are necessary in order to implement the right strategies for success.

The professionals at Highland Capital understand that making the right investment decisions is a crucial aspect of an investor’s financial management. Not many people have the resources and time to study the various investment products and financial services that are available. That’s where an established firm like Highland Capital steps in – to help clients get access to top notch advisory service and help in achieving the success they desire.