Whitney Wolfe Revamps the Way that Singles Mingle

Anyone that may have used the dating app called Tinder is well aware of who Whitney Wolfe is already. She has shown herself to be a young entrepreneur that is changing the way that single men and women look at the concept of dating.

It is rare for someone to start up a nap at the age of 26 or 27 and break down boundaries in a male-dominated industry. This is what Whitney Wolfe has been able to do with Bumble. She is very young, but she has proven that she has the ability to bring a unique concept into the mainstream world of dating apps.

Whitney Wolfe has the ability to totally revamp the way that people are trying to date. She has really been able to show single people that there is something new and exciting when it comes to dating. They do not have to be stuck with the traditional apps that they have become so accustomed to.

Much of the innovation that comes from Whitney Wolfe has to do with her desire to move on after her days with Tinder. It was evident that she wanted to do something different, and Bumble was the most unique thing that she could do to bring her business to the forefront. What Whitney Wolfe did not want to do was get caught up into having an app that was just like the original one she created. She wanted there to be a significant difference between Tinder and Bumble.

The great thing about using an app like Bumble is that it gives singles a lot of options. This app has not been around very long, but they are already more than 10 million users that are registered on this app. She is totally changing the way that singles mingle today.

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Cleansing Conditioners For Better Hair Health

When it comes to taking good care of your hair, there are many items on the market to choose from. The hair care industry is one of the most popular industries in the world today and it has been for some time now. Pomades, gel, spray, and mousse are all good products for hair maintenance, but if you’re in need of a good cleansing, conditioners are some of the best in the business.

WEN by Chaz is a revolutionary line of luxury hair care products and it’s conditioners are top notch. Much of the success comes from the beneficial ingredients. Why? The ingredients come from an organic source and lacks all of the dangerous chemical additives that are found in most other products. Lavender, aloe vera leaf, wild cherry bark, rosemary extract, pomegranate extract, panthenol, tea tree oil, glycerin, sweet almond mint, cucumber, fig, and many more.

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Founded by celebrity hair stylist Chaz Dean, WEN by Chaz is designed to work on all hair types and textures. Wen cleansing conditioners are universal, easy to apply, and are easy to rinse out. You can’t say that with many of the other brands as their products tend to create build-up, which weigh the hair down. These advanced formulas heal and hydrates the scalp and hair for the very best in deep cleansing affects. Brands such as Pantene, L’Oréal, Maybelline, and others give you sort term results, but end of biting you down the line.

WEN’s cleansing conditioners are leave-in treatments as well, which allows you to do other things around the house before rinsing out. The benefits of added shine, more moisture, and strength can be expected right after the first use in many cases.

Learn more about WEN Hair: https://www.beverlyhillsmagazine.com/beauty/best-products-beautiful-hair/#.WKNLZ_krKUk

Importance of Comparative Law

Comparative law is defined as the study of the different legal systems that exist. It involves comparing various legal systems and understanding how they can be unified. It is more than a century now since Montesquieu introduced the comparative law. The branches of comparative law include comparative administrative law, comparative civil law, comparative commercial law, comparative criminal law, and comparative constitutional law. Comparative law has been able to gain lots of importance in the current era of democratization, internationalism, and economic globalization. Legal scholars were still practicing comparative methodologies before the introduction of the comparative law.


The comparative law also involves the description and scrutiny of foreign legal systems. Some of the different legal systems that are studied in comparative law include:

  • Civil law
  • Common law
  • Chinese law
  • Hindu law
  • Socialist law
  • Canon law
  • Islamic law
  • Jewish law


Sir Henry Maine is referred to as the person who founded modern comparative law. Maine is a legal historian and a British jurist. His work was able to place the comparative law in historical context, and it became influential and widely read. The University of Oxford became the first ever university to take up comparative law and offer it as a subject in 1869. Sir Henry Maine became a comparative law professor at the University. The comparative law was taken to the US by Rudolf Schlesinger who was a legal scholar. Rudolf went to the US because he was fleeing persecution while in Germany. He became a professor at the Cornell Law School where he taught comparative law after going to the US.  See this page.


The main aim of the comparative law is to unify legal systems that exist in the world. The majority of universities from all parts of the world now offer comparative law as a unit subject. Legal scholars have also been studying the law in depth so as to have a better understanding of it.


Sujit Choudhry is a professor of law. He is the Faculty Director and also the founder of the Center for Constitutional Transitions. Sujit Choudhry writes on constitutional design as a means of managing the change from brutal conflict to nonviolent democratic politics. He has been able to edit several collections including the Migration of Constitutional Ideas and Constitutional Design for Divided Societies. Sujit sits on the Board of Advisers at the Cambridge Studies in Constitutional Law. Sujit Choudhry is also an Editorial Board member of the South Africa’s Constitutional Court Review.

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Boosting Your Career With the Wessex Institute of Technology

For professionals in the science and technology industry, one of the leading professional organizations is the Wessex Institute of Technology. Those that join the Wessex Institute of Technology will find that there are a wide range of networking and career benefits that can come with membership.


One way that the Wessex Institute of Technology can help to enhance your career is through the organization’s job board. The Wessex Institute of Technology has one of the largest and most current job boards for industry professionals in Europe. Those that live and work in Europe, and are members of the organization, will be able to apply for any job listed.


Another way that the Wessex Institute of Technology can help to boost your career is through the range of networking events that the institute hosts. Every year, Wessex will host over two dozen different conferences that bring in hundreds of professionals.

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How Troy McQuagge is working hand in hand with USHALTH Advisors Inc to save lives.

One of the growing health insurance agencies is USHEALTH Advisors LLC. The firm specializes in providing health insurance to all its clients. The USHEALTH group and its other subsidiaries companies are dedicated to offering innovative life, accident and disability insurance solutions to employees, business owners, self-employed individuals, and families. The company has served more than ten million customers gaining their trust gradually. Currently, Troy McQuagge is currently the CEO and President of USHEALTH Group and USHEALTH Advisors.

USHEALTH Advisors was formed in 2009 to serve as a health insurance distribution partner of USHEALTH Group Inc. All the health insurance plans USHALTH Advisors sells are underwritten by The Freedom Life Insurance Company of America. One goal USHAELTH family intends to achieve is combining the talents of its agents and employees and market profitable and competitive insurance products while providing unique superior services to all their clients.

Mr. Troy is well known in the insurance industry as he has gained a lot of experience over the years. He began his career journey back in 1983 working with Allstate Insurance Company. He worked for the firm for nearly ten years before joining Student Insurance Division of United Insurance Companies Inc commonly identified as UICI. Two years after working with UICI, Ron Jensen sold a privately held agency to the firm naming McQuagge the president of UGA. Being the president of UGA sharpened Mr. Troy’s leadership skills as he was able to set numerous sales record in a single year of leading UGA.

In 2006, UICI corporate name was changed to Health Markets after the firm was acquired by a private equity investor. McQuagge was given the work of leading the sale and marketing team within the self-employed group. Gradually, he continued to sharpen his leadership skills while gaining more experience. With his leadership skills, the agency was able to exceed a billion dollar sales volume. The company was also identified as the leading Insurance Sales Organization of the Year.

In late 2010, McQuagge decided to join USHALTH Group Inc to act as the president and CEO of its insurance affiliate agency, USHAELTH Advisors, LLC. Since he became the president, USHEALTH Advisors had recorded positive annual sale results through utilizing McQuagge’s proprietary agency platform in managing capital efficiently and achieving growth objectives.

Mr. McQuagge is confident in his ability to build a dynamic sales organization, and he believes his work experience will play a big part in growing the health Insurance company. Through this, he will be able to save many lives.


Drivers of the Financial World – A Look at Stephen J. Rotella

Stephen J. Rotella has been at the helm of many companies’ growth since the start of his career in the 80s. He is a respected administrator in the finance industry, and more so today that he is behind the expansion of StoneCastle Cash Management.

Stephen J. Rotella attended the State University of New York in Stony Brook where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics in 1975. He went on to graduate with an MBA in Finance and Information Systems in 1978 from the State University of New York in Albany.


His career began immediately after and peaked in 1987 when he was appointed Senior Vice President of marketing, finance and product development at Chase Manhattan Mortgage Company. He later climbed up the ranks to executive vice president of servicing in the same company, a position that he held for eight years. He has also served in other capacities for the same company including as chief operating officer and as the head.

Stephen J. Rotella has also served WMI Holdings Corp. in many capacities including as the company’s president and operating officer from 2005 to 2008. Some of his responsibilities at the company included day-to-day administration and oversight of the mortgage, commercial, and retail departments.


Today ,Stephen J. Rotella is heading StoneCastle Cash Management while also acting in other capacities in other companies. StoneCastle Cash Management is currently expanding its reach under Rotella’s leadership. The company recently announced that it has acquired Intermedium Financial, LLC. The acquisition is pivotal to the company’s growth as it will facilitate its expansion to financial advisor, broker dealer, and 401K market segments.

Stephen J. Rotella is also involved in philanthropic work particulalrly through his capacity as chair of Chase’s Housing Advisory Council. The council seeks to help underserved communities by increasing lending opportunities at friendly rates. He is also a board member of the Mortgage Bankers Association.


With such a vibrant portfolio as an administrator in the finance industry, Stephen J. Rotella’s career comes with its fair share of controversies. However, it has only grown stronger since the beginning of the century and through the rocky 2008 financial collapse.

How Realtors Like Tammy Mazzocco Are Driving The Renaissance of Ohio’s Real Estate Industry

Now that the global economy has recovered and the national economy is following behind it the country’s real estate market looks, fortunately, to not be far behind it. Perhaps one of the most promising areas of growth for the national real estate market is in the Mid-Western state of Ohio. According to the publication Cleveland.com Ohio’s real estate market performed quite well in 2016. The performance of the Buckeye State’s housing market actually set a record. Even though the housing market in other parts of the country have seen the number of homes that are being sold lose some momentum the housing market in Ohio experienced a large amount of growth in 2016 that it had not seen since 2005. More than 150,000 homes were bought in the state during 2016 which represented an increase over the amount of homes that were purchased by buyers in the state in 2015. The good news comes from research conducted by the professional group the Ohio Association of Realtors.

The report’s findings about the increase in home sales arguably show that hardworking Ohio realtors like Tammy Mazzocco are part of the variables that are driving the success of Ohio’s real estate sector. Tammy Mazzocco is an Ohio-based real estate agent who has been working diligently in the industry since 1999 when she entered the field as a full-time real estate professional. Today Tammy Mazzocco works with RE/MAX selling homes in central Ohio. She helps connect prospective home buyers with properties in counties like Fairfield, Delaware and Licking. Before that she worked with Judy Gang and Associates where she found a great mentor in the firm’s founder Judy Gang. In addition to helping sell single family homes Tammy Mazzocco has experience managing apartment homes. She spent part of her career working with T&R Properties, a company that helped to manage apartment homes and an office complex.

OSI Group Has A Record Of Success

OSI Group has a long-standing reputation in the food supply industry. It is a multi-billion-dollar organization that has its roots in Oak Park, Illinois. It was founded as a meat market by a German immigrant in 1909. Otto Kolschowski started the market with his family. A few years later he named the organization Otto and Sons.

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Otto branched off from the simple idea of a meat market. He soon realized that their services could be of use in every aspect of the food industry. Otto and Sons focused their efforts on supplying product to other companies who were in need of a top quality service. They developed a fantastic reputation. Decades later Otto and Sons were contacted by McDonald’s CEO Ray Kroc. Ray Kroc was expanding his growing enterprise into Des Plaines, Illinois. He was looking for a supplier that he could depend on to match the tremendous needs that McDonald’s was going to demand. Otto and Sons were up to the challenge and eventually became the exclusive provider of meat to the McDonald’s organization. They were able to introduce innovations such as cryogenic freezing and the patty cutting machine. These creations put Otto on Sons ahead of all of the other distributors that McDonald’s was using at the time to maintain production. Cryogenic freezing and liquid nitrogen tunnels allowed the meat distributor to maintain a large stock of product without sacrificing freshness. The patty cutting machine catered to the needs of McDonald’s specifically. Otto and Sons were able to deliver a product that was ready for use right away.

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Otto and Sons eventually became OSI Industries. OSI Industries is now an international organization that supplies food product to several different fast food chains and supermarket organizations. It has 65 plants in 17 countries. OSI is considered to be the 136th largest privately owned company in the United States by Forbes.

Build Your Workout Wardrobe With Fabletics

If you are looking for new and unique workout clothes and gear Fabletics is a great place to try. They are an online subscription service that offers a ton of different workout clothes and accessories for women. The company first started back in 2013 and has only grown in popularity ever since.


When first visiting Fabletics website I was amazed at the ease and convenience of it. Not only was it fast and simple to use but it was also fun and exciting. They begin by asking a very short questionnaire to get to know their users better. These questions will help determine what type of workout style you like as well as what type of exercises you like to perform. It is important to answer honestly and correctly as this will affect what type of workout gear you get.


After completing a short questionnaire Fabletics then begins working on a personalized workout outfit for each individual. Each outfit includes around two to three high quality pieces of clothing and accessories. The typical VIP member price is $49.95 although first time users can receive their first outfit for just $25 a month. Shipping is always fast and free for all members.


On the first of the month new boxes will arrive. They are filled with cute adorable clothing and accessories to help make working out easier and much more enjoyable. Each month a new style will arrive. To skip a month or cancel simply visit the website between the 1st and 5th of the month. Fabletics is a great way to build your workout wardrobe. Not only are the styles cute and unique but they are also high quality and affordable clothing.


One of the most important reasons for trying Fabletics was because of all of the great positive reviews. Reviewers such as The Krazy Coupon Lady offers an in-depth and positive review on how convenient and easy ordering Fabletics is. Other top reviewers such as a foodie stays fit also recommends Fabletics. It is a great way to get new and interesting workout gear. It is also a great way to get and stay excited about exercising and working out. Having something new to look forward to every month is a great way to keep you motivated and interested in working out. One of the other great things about Fabletics is the fact that they can be worn for working out or everyday activities.