Importance of early screening according to Lifeline Screening

Medical specialists and researchers have today acknowledged the importance of early screening. People are advised to get screening for diseases like cancer and other genetic diseases as early as possible. Although screening is key to survival and better life of the patient, most hospitals do not offer screening for all chronic diseases. They specialize in cancer. For those hospitals offering screening, it is at times very expensive that the average citizen cannot afford.

Lifeline Screening discovered this gap, and since it was founded in 1993 by Colin Scully and Timothy Phillips, the company has expanded in both its geographical coverage as well as in the number of tests carried out. The company expanded its operations to serve the United Kingdom in 2007. In 2012, it extended its services to Australia. Lifeline screening provides screening services for diabetes, cholesterol count, inflammation, ultrasound screening, finger-stick blood screenings and limited electrocardiograph to adult.

Limited Electrocardiograph Screening

Although the use of electrocardiographs is not one of the best procedures in detecting cardiovascular irregularities, they are non-invasive and are painless. They also serve a major role in detecting irregular patterns in heartbeat. Early detection of such irregularities is vital in preventing risks of stroke among other heart related complications.

Heart diseases claim the lives of many people every year. The risk factors associated with cardiovascular diseases can stay in the body for several years without showing any signs. It is, thus, important to go for regular checkups and screening to help curb the disease before its onset. Some of the risk factors include having a family member who has suffered from cardiovascular disease, advance in age, smoking and hypertension. Male are under a higher risk than females.

Ultrasound Screening

Ultra sound screening techniques utilize sound waves to examine a given area. It is commonly used with pregnant women. Just like electrocardiograph, the procedure is painless and non-invasive. At Lifeline Screening, the latest technology of Doppler color flow is used when carrying out ultrasound screens. The screening are used for bone mineral density screening and abdominal aortic aneurysm among others.

Finger-Stick Blood Screening

The screening is done by getting a blood sample from the soft pad of the finger. The blood is then used for complete lipid panel screening, glucose screening and elevated liver enzymes screening among others.

Lifeline Screening uses the latest technology to help in early detection of diseases. Its employees are licensed professionals who work hand in hand with insurance companies to ensure patients get quality services. According to Andrew Manganaro, who is the chief medical officer of Lifeline, the company has screened over 8 million people.

Betsy DeVos – a History of Philanthropy and Support of Education

The name of Betsy DeVos has been popping up in media more since she was appointed to the office of education as the 11th US Secretary of education. Betsy DeVos, however, has been at the scene of education for decades. She is one of the most active philanthropists in the sector.Mrs. Betsy DeVos s from the Prince family which is known for their history of philanthropy work extending over the generations. The Prince family are also known for their many ventures in business. Betsy’s father is the creator of the Prince Corporation working with car parts. Both her parents have been making donations to charities for decades. So far, their record of contributions amounts to billions. Betsy DeVos was born in the state of Michigan in a charming town called Holland. Betsy DeVos had studied at a Christian high school before she moved to the city of Grand Rapids to attend the Calvin College.

While she was at college, Betsy DeVos would show her interest in politics and business, as well as leadership by Betsy volunteering for different activities. Betsy DeVos was also heavily involved in campus politics, and she was as a leader of a few groups as well.After she had graduated, Betsy DeVos started working in the corporate world. She was also working as a member of a number of Boards of companies and organizations alike. Betsy DeVos is known for her active involvement in projects. She has a strong sense of a leader and is able to manage large teams with ease. Betsy DeVos became involved in politics many years ago. She put her leadership skills in action when she was a part of the campaign of George Bush when he was a candidate for re-election. Another example of her political involvement is Betsy DeVos’s position chairing the Republican party based in the state of Michigan.

She was occupying the leadership position twice – from 1996 until 2000 and then once again from 2003 up until 2005.Over the years, Betsy DeVos has come a long way in her philanthropy career. It has become her main line of work and business has fallen behind although she is still active in her business positions as the head of Windquest Group and so on. Betsy DeVos collaborated with her husband on the establishment of the Dick and Betsy Family Foundation which came to be about a decade ago. The foundation became very successful soon after it was launched. So far, its record of donations amounts to millions of dollars. Betsy DeVos continues to make charitable donation individually. She has been supporting academic institutions above all as the education of the United States of America has always been a top priority for Betsy DeVos.

Norman Pattiz Establishes Effectiveness Of Ads On His Audience Through Market Research

Norman Pattiz is one of the biggest names in the radio industry. He was the founder of Westwood One, one of the largest networks in America. However, with the slow decline of the radio industry, Norman Pattiz had to embark on a lookout for the next best thing in the listening industry. With the growth of the internet, he decided to start up the radio equivalent on the web, podcast.

He began PodcastOne, which was a network dedicated to delivering high-quality original content through numerous podcast channels. Norman Pattiz even tied up with celebrities to give his users one of a kind content that they wouldn’t find elsewhere.

One of how podcast differs from the radio is the space for advertising. Most podcast networks do not give out their spaces to brands, which is also why they do not make good profits.

Norman Pattiz wanted to change all of that to bring in more income to the network. He decided to approach advertisers to showcase their ads in between the shows on the network. Few brands agreed, and within six months, Norman Pattiz has gathered more advertisers than most podcast networks. However, he wanted to push it even further and get more brands onto his side.

‘However, brands are often met with skepticism when it comes to selling to audiences through a podcast network. To prove that the ads showcased on the channels are indeed effective, Norman Pattiz decided to team up with Edison Research to conduct a market analysis on the effectiveness of the products that were being advertised on the podcast network.

The study was conducted in two phases. The first phase was done by asking the subject groups a few questions about the brands that were going to be advertised on the channel.

The second round of analysis was conducted after the subjects had listened to a good amount of ads on the podcast network, in between shows. Learn more about Norman Pattiz: and

They were then asked questions to determine the level of brand recall that these people had for the products being advertised. The results were extremely positive and show that the brand recall is extremely high in most brand situations.

For example, when the subjects were asked about a particular grocery brand, only seven percent actually knew what the interviewer was talking about. However, after the listening session was concluded, almost sixty percent of the subjects could recall the brand solely based on the ad that was aired.

Life Line Screening giving you answers today

Life Line Screening is an Austin Tx. based company founded in 1993. Their mission is to make people aware of health care problems that have not yet been detected and enable them to seek follow up treatment with their own physicians. Life line has partnered with several Insurance companies, hospitals and organizations.

The three types of preventative health screenings performed are Ultrasound, Finger-tip blood screenings and limited electrocardiograph. These screenings typically provide normal results easing the mind of individuals that may be anxious due to family history or other reasons of concern. However when something is detected it provides the individual the opportunity to seek treatment much sooner or make lifestyle changes to improve future health.

The screenings are performed by highly trained technicians using the same equipment found in hospitals. Life line screenings are safe, require minimal preparation on your part and are painless. Results are reviewed by board certified physicians. Results should be shared with your personal physician.

Taking a proactive role in maintaining your health is essential. We all know we should eat healthy foods, maintain health weight, and exercise. Life line screenings provide you one more way to care for your body by detecting and even preventing disease or other illness prior to development. In addition to improving the quality of your life it can also prove to be a smart financial move as medical treatment can be costly. You could be able to head off extensive treatment by making simple lifestyle adjustments.

By looking at family history and your medical history, as well as age and overall health, they are able to develop an individual health risk profile. This allows Life line screening to determine which tests would be important and the most beneficial for you. Your health is your single most important asset, it makes sense to do everything you can to protect it.

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Ransomware’s Personal Cost

Although international organizations and governments have been in the news every since the ransomware WannaCry cyber attacks, personal information is what cyber thieves are most often after. Once your personal information is acquired, individuals can use saved passwords and other information to infiltrate your personal accounts or your small business accounts. This situation can cost small businesses thousands of dollars worth of data and it also can cost them their reputation. But what about personal losses?


When a hack occurs the first thing to go is money. Ransomware attackers ask for money in exchange for data. If the ransom doesn’t work they can simply drain an account. It’s a loss many of us cannot afford. But we can’t usually afford the protection against ransomware attacks, either.


Cyber security experts such as Rubica assist personal victims of ransomware by providing them with the same level of security as global organizations receive and you don’t even need an IT department. With a simple app download, Rubica assesses your business or personal account’s activities and determines whether or not ransomware is hiding out on your computer. Finding it before it attacks is key to cyber security. Rubica has helped many hacked business owners and individuals like myself.

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Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are a diamond in a rough place these days, and so is The Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Frontera Fund, an organization that is intent on raising awareness for human rights and eradicating our planet of evil and injustice. So far, the foundation has been quite a success.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin note that they still have a long way to go in reaching this goal but that they’re a happy step closer to it every day.

Just consider the state of peril that many current global nations face, and you will know what I am talking about. You will see the urgent need to promote human rights everywhere, and not only that, but to fight for these rights continually; it has often been said the day in which a country and its residents or citizens cease to fight for the rights and needs of every individual within that country becomes the day in which tyranny will rear its ugly face and took over.

This usually happens in the form of tyrannous leaders of no heart, people like Kim Jong Un of North Korea and Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela; these people have no interest in the wellbeing of their very people, and that’s a sad fact to behold. In fact, if nations from without do not reach a consensus to intervene soon, then these very nations might cease to exist. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Venezuela has suffered under violent oppression for now more than 20 years, and it does not seem to get any easier with the passing time; in fact, the less that people fight for their God-given human rights, the more that these oppressors feel the need to step in and rewrite the laws and policies altogether, ultimately leaving room for no one to have a say in what really matters.

This is sad and scary at the same time, and that’s why the people must fight. In fact, in Venezuela, they already are as the Venezuelan people are more than sick and tired of Maduro’s regime and have only taken to the streets every day in attempts to protest and even overtake the government from the inside.

If other nations cannot currently step in to help fix this mess and put Maduro away, then the very people of Venezuela have to do it themselves, and it has certainly not been an easy fight so far. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

North Korea’s situation is not too different. The selfish and demonic Kim Jong Un, son of a dictator, also hopes for his people to never regain their health, status and success but wishes to keep dominating them until the very end of time. With God’s help, this will never happen.

That is why many proud Koreans continue to act to this day and spread the word of what is really going on in their country, some going as far as to release human rights petitions and collect as many votes as possible. These attempts have been somewhat successful so far.

Using Rubica For Technology Security against Virus Softwares like ransomware

If you have experienced difficulty on a computer with viruses such as ransomware or getting hacked by other systems, then Rubica is right for you because it prevents online cyber attacks. Rubica is privately held online and seeks to devote its presence and mission toward protecting internet and computer users from ransomware. This company makes sure that the consumer’s information is private, and their connection is secure. Rubica makes certain that their business will provide a secure host to any technology that you may own. Rubica gives no access to hacks on your personal software and prevents them from happening all of the time. Through their consistency and team of professionals, Rubica is able to give new methods of offering digital protection to citizens. They look toward serving those who have been affected by outside threats like ransomware in the cyber world. Partnering with Rubica makes it possible for them to monitor and search the activity going on within each of your personal devices.

Life Line Screening: A Company Aimed at Screening Health Issues and Providing Healthcare Solutions

As an effort to ensure good health and that individuals stay healthy, there are some factors to consider. First, one ought to reduce stress. Chronic stress has been seen as a risk factor that eventually weakens the immune system. Also, you need to check and regulate the blood pressure. This is because it is seen as a major cause of heart-related diseases such as stroke and heart attacks. The problem also causes the stiffening of blood vessels and eventually leading to rupture.

Engaging in such exercises increases sufficient blood flow to all body parts of the body as well as reducing cholesterol levels in the body. Cholesterol builds up in the body, and it is risky as it causes the narrowing of blood vessels which predisposes an individual to cardiovascular diseases. Constant exercise is therefore attributed to the increase in the release of extra norepinephrine. Norepinephrine is a neurotransmitter which is very important in the body. Studies have shown that this neurotransmitter has many cognitive benefits to the body such as improving an individual’s motivation and also most importantly it helps in reducing chronic stress.

The level of Thyroxine in the blood is also very vital. Therefore, it’s important to monitor this levels, especially when experiencing chronic fatigue or even abnormal weight gain. Also, the levels of triiodothyronine ought to be monitored as well. This is a hormone which is produced consistently by the thyroid gland. Therefore, to make sure the thyroid gland functions well it’s important to have diet supplements which include minerals such as magnesium, tyrosine, among others such green tea extracts. Their Facebook Page.

Life Line Screening was founded in 1993. It carries out health screening for adults across the USA. The company has successfully made over eight million health screening since its commencement. Life Screening has many connections and partnership with many hospitals and health insurance companies such as Mission Hospital, Carolina Vascular, and MCM solutions.

Life Line Screening since October 1, 1996, has been accredited by Better Business Bureau (BBB). The accreditation levels and standards are very high and involve a very efficient and good way and methodology of resolving customer’s complaints. Therefore, Life line Screening is a reputable healthcare provider which is aimed at preventing illnesses through early screening and diagnosis.

How Does Eric Pulier Do It?

As an entrepreneur, it can be hard to make something of yourself. Although it may be hard, Eric Pulier managed to make more than something out of himself. He became a business owner, co-founder, philanthropist, author, public speaker, and much more. Eric Pulier has conquered many different things throughout his life and is continuing to accomplish more every day.

Eric Pulier’s journey to success started with his education. He received his educational training from Harvard University, where he studied multiple things including American Literature. 1988 was the year that he graduated from Harvard, with the high distinction of Magna Cum Laude. His educational journey was full of distinction and honor.

Although he certainly had an above average educational experience, it was nothing compared to his career. Since his 1988 graduation, he founded over 15 different companies. Although most of his work is based on technology he has also been successful investments in different venture capital funds. His successes have spanned many different fields and his accomplishments continue to grow daily.

More important than his business accomplishments is his work in different charities. He is a founding donor of the ACE Foundation, an organization that rethinks how software can be used to help society and its many crises. Eric Pulier work with different charities has evolved from his very beginnings and still remains an important part of his work and life.

Eric Pulier has done so many things with his life. While raising four kids, he built an empire, filled with different companies and charitable work. During his career, he has dived into many different areas of work. From his 15 different companies to his different charitable work, the one thing that has remained the same is his dedication and his commitment to his work. This dedication and commitment is something that is sure to stay with him throughout his career.

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The Richard Mishaan Design Firm and its Projects

Richard Mishaan Design has deep roots in fashion, combined with architecture and interior design that enables him to have a profound understanding of luxury and quality. Born in Colombia, Richard Mishaan attended the Columbia University School of Architecture and earned his BA from New York University. He started out his career by being an apprentice in Philip Johnson’s offices. Richard Mishaan has published two books namely Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern.



The sought-after and highly decorated Richard Mishaan is behind some amazing projects in London locales, Miami, and New York, his home base. Mishaan is a busy designer who is always on the go and brainstorming various ideas such as the hotel in Cartagena, Manhattan apartments, and various homes in Sag Harbor, and London. Richard Mishaan reckons that although the design of a property seems abstract, it always ends with the client’s needs. For him to achieve his successes, Richard Mishaan studies human relationships and behaviors in order to anticipate what they expect and thus come up with designs that fulfill their desires.



Richard Mishaan came up with a living room by employing a variety of vivacious patterns at the 2011 Kips Bay Decorator Show House. Some of the notable patterns from the show included the red-and-white tiger print on the Bolier & Company outdoor chair. Mishaan’s own apartment is artistically designed in a pre-war building that celebrates many eras and overlooks the Central Park. Richard Mishaan Design is based on mixing various styles to come up with an integration of artistic touches.